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    Good Tuesday morning! 
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    Tuesday, July 8, 2003:
    Didja happen to miss the fastest (and most relevant) 2-hours in talkradio Sunday morning? Oops!  So did I!  Sleeping late?  Live outside of Southern California?  It doesn't matter: KFI canceled the show on Monday, June 23, 2003.  (Oh well...that's life in the radio world.)  Check out KFI's new weekend line-up by clicking here.

    Gotta have your Dover Radio Fix?  Here are two options:

        Call Ben on the air live, Tuesday mornings (as in this morning) on ABC Radio Network's Sirius [satellite] Channel 131 show with Mark Willis: It ain't perfect, and it's not 2 hours of Straight Dover, but it's better than nuthin':  (888) 782-5966.  (Limited show hours/limited window of opportunity to begin with...but it'll be expanding soon: 7:30a Pacific/8:30a Mountain/9:30a Central/10:30a Eastern.)
    Have you ever lied on a resume?  Ever exaggerated your employment history, areas of expertise or even cooked up the ultimate whoppers: Phantom jobs with companies you never even worked for?  Okay, so maybe you're not as creative as Baghdad Bob or even Laci Peterson's jailed husband, but if you're worried about hiring someone that was (in reality) a former card-carrying member of the Manson Family, check this out: With high unemployment and a rough economy making a good job interview more important than ever before, one of the biggest unexpected beneficiaries are reference checking services. 
    I'm not talking about companies that check out your references to make sure you're not embellishing you qualifications...I'm referring to companies that actually call the (hopefully legitimate) references on your resume to find out what your former bosses are saying about you!  If what they're saying is positive, then you're good to go.  But if they throw you under the unemployment bus, you need to hire one of these companies to send them a nasty letter and demand they knock it off...or prepare to defend themselves in the courtroom.  Read more here...
    Wanna find out what your former boss is saying about you?  Here are a few companies that'll perform the counter-intelligence footwork for a fee (all starting at around $60):
            My References
    Be resourceful and share the wealth!  Give a subscription to the Dose of Dover, the most reliable source of insights and no s*** ideas available on the planet.  ('s free!)  Sign up for your weekly Dose of Dover newsletter on our award-winning website right here!
    Spend any time at the movie theatre over the long holiday weekend?  I did...and was pleasantly surprised by Arnold Schwarzenegger's Terminator 3 delivered, sans James Cameron (the director of T1 & T2) or Linda Hamilton (also part of the first two installments), but the bigger surprise?  LidRock...the newest innovation for sampling a new recording artist's work.  Rachel Ferris is the artist, and 4.8 million free, promotional mini-CDs embedded in the lids of soft drink cups is the prize.  The CD not only featured a couple of songs, but when you pop into your computer, you can see video clips and other incredibly-cool promotional content.  It's a wave of the future, and free with that (pricey because you're buying it at their concessions stand) large soft drink. 
    Speaking of new movies worth seeing, you've gotta check out an "art house" type film that's in limited release but worth seeking out: I'm a fan of Philip Seymour've seen him in a variety of movies, from Twister to Boogie Nights to Almost Famous, Magnolia and a bunch of others.  His newest work is a dark one called "Owning Mahowny," based on the true story of a Canadian bank manager with a gambling problem...and access to some major lines of credit that the casinos in Atlantic City and Las Vegas are happy to help him access.  If you (or anyone you know) has a gambling (or other type of addiction problem), this is the must see movie of the year.
    How would you like to have all of your worldly possessions "held hostage" by a buncha thugs?  That's what you're setting yourself up for if you don't do your homework (first) and choose the right moving company!  Ben's Moving Tips will save you time, money and lots-o-heartache.....
    If you're moving somewhere/sometime soon, let's hope you're taking advantage of these low interest rates and moving into a new home.  Wanna know how to get some cash back on your next home purchase?  (Who loves ya baby?)  Click here.....
    Interest rates are at their lowest levels in 45 what are you waitin' for?  Cash in and lock in the lowest levels in decades by re-financing your current mortgage and cut 10-15 years off your term!  It's easy to get educated about the process first...and the price is right!  (Free!)  Everything you need to know can be found on-line; get your own copy of Bens' 2003 Home Buyer's Guide by clicking here.
    And now that you're all revved up for a night out at the movies, keep your eyes open for the newest promotional vehicle targeting Chinese food fans: What do 97% of the people finishing off an order of Moo Goo Gai Pan (or other Chinese fare) do at the end of the meal? They crack open their fortune cookies, of course...and with 67% of you anxious to read your "fortune" aloud to your dining companions, this is the next powerful marketing frontier being pioneered by a company called Buzz Marketing.  Put down the chop sticks and read all about it (but hold the MSG).....
    (I wonder if this was inspired by the Dell Dude getting popped for pot?)'re gettin' a prisoner-free Dell!  Wait 'til you see read about the changes the nation's largest computer/peripherals giant is making.  (Now if only we could get some of the biggest credit card companies to follow the same "hiring" policies.....)
    We know all about the hazards of drinking and driving.  Now comes word that listening and driving's okay...but talking and driving?  That's another matter altogether: Books on tape (or CD)? Good!  Cell phones?  Between liability lawsuits and aggressive legislation in states like New York, our days of talking-and-driving could be numbered.  Read the results of a new study that adds even more fuel to the distraction fires.....
    Wanna know why emergency rooms are so damned busy...and expensive?  I suspect that this story will not only drive you nuts, but may even remind you about the importance of oral hygiene.  Get out the dental floss and read it yourself...
    Pass the Oreos and call your lawyer! Didja hear what Kraft Foods is doing to dodge the onslaught of lawsuits from obese plaintiffs?  Forget self-restraint...forget making healthier food choices!  Skip playing lotto twice a week: Chase that Big Mac with some junk food and call a Class Action attorney once you've finished everything (including this story) off.....
    Millions of tax refund checks worth billions of dollars will be mailed out in a couple of weeks. Do you know what most of America's gonna do with the cash?  No, they're not spending it on "stuff" that'll help the economy, but (here's a concept) according to a recent CNN/USA Today/Gallup Poll, they're gonna pay off bills with it.  (Ohmygod!) 
    Wanna increase the size of your.....hmmmmm.  Let me try to re-phrase this. How about improving your self-esteem?  Does the name "Dirk Diggler" mean anything to you?  Please don't contribute to the profits of the $100 million (plus) a year "male enhancement" industry!!!  Not only are you being a gullible sucker when you buy this garbage, you're contributing to the flood of spam that's been the main marketing vehicle for these charlatans.
    If you live in Southern California and are even remotely contemplating credit counseling, debt re-negotiation or bankruptcy, you'd better read this first:  Trust me, you'll be more informed and alot more grateful 10-minutes (or less) from now.....
    Jobless rates are jumping to 9-year highs; you can bet the debt collection business has never been better!  The nation's unemployment rate has soared to its highest point (6.4%) since 1994...almost 1,000,000 people have neen added to the unemployment rolls in the last 3 months.  Don't let the tele-terrorist bullies get you down: Invoke your rights under federal law and fire these clowns! Get a free copy of my Cease & Desist Letter right here...(and keep your chin up).
    Score another one for Nostra-Dover...check out the latest headline from USA Today: "Spam Is Turning To Scam."  At the risk of re-injuring my shoulder (this time from excessively patting myself on the back) this latest story confirms what I've been preaching for the last 3 years.  Bogus websites, now called "phisher sites" use scammy-spam to funnel gullible victims into their clutches, shaking personal information like credit card, bank account and (the Holy Grail) Social Security Numbers out of 'em with a variety of cover stories.  Best Buy, America Online and EarthLink are among the largest (and latest) targets.  PayPal, eBay and even our buddies at the IRS have also been unwitting accomplices for the bad guys.  Read more about it, and then do the rest of us a favor and shake-up (and wake up) any naive dopes in your orbit of influence, and keep them off the victims list.
    Are you one of the 17 million Americans who have signed up on the (free) national Do Not Call list?  If not, click here and take your first (but certainly not final) step to vanquish these tele-pests.....
    .....and then read about one exasperated Minnesota resident who decided to turn the tables on telemarketers: Do you think calling them over 100 times in 2 days is a bit extreme?  Read his story and enjoy a strategy that's right up my alley..... 
    The newest date rape drug showing up on police radar is the most insidious yet.  And it's only a matter of time before it starts showing up in this country, so put the women in your world on alert: It's called scopolamine and it's colorless, odorless, tasteless its victims have virtually zero chance of ever identifying their predators.  This is scary stuff folks...originating from the home of the illegal U.S. drug trade: Read all about it right here.
    Yo, Brainiac!  Two questions for you:
        #1 C''re not really worried about the continuation of the hottest newsletter in the nation, are ya?  The radio show's just a small part of the Dover Media Complex, relax.  Your Dose of Dover will continue to show up every Tuesday, (skip the Valium!)...
        #2  Are you taking advantage of Brother Ben's hard work that goes into every newspaper column, every TV segment, every radio show (guest appearance) and every Dose of Dover Newsletter? [I doubt it.]'re leaving a bunch of additional information and entertainment value on the proverbial table if you don't "click over" hot-linked [highlighted] words or sentences you come across. Incredible insights and [frequently] twisted humor are only one click away...
    I know, I know.  We're still boycotting the French, not only because they deserve it, but because we can: However, thanks for the wonderous world of the Internet, combined with the programming skills of someone who obviously has too much time on their hands) you might wanna check out this latest example of hi-tech meets the art world, courtesy of Mona Lisa.....
    And since you're in the mood for cyber-sillyness, here are two of my favorite websites you might wanna bookmark: "Awful" stuff that I can't print in my newspaper column or play on the radio and TV seems to find a place on an appropriately named website:  (My favorites?  Paul Harvey selling bongs, a guy bothering the Post Office about their new Malcolm X stamp, and the infamous 911 call from the guy who hit a deer.)  All funny...and all free.
    If restaurants are gonna have non-smoking sections, shouldn't they have baby-free/screaming (bratty) kids sections, too?  Of course they should...but for those of you with kids that wanna see a movie, then you'll love the latest innovation from the home of $12 movie tickets, New York City.....
    How long do you think it's gonna be before those letters from the IRS (that you've been hiding under your bed...and the problems they represent) will blow up at the most inconvenient time: Tie down those loose-ends on your timetable--not theirs.  Wave the white flag and get a deal worked out before it's too late: Check out your options and learn why hiring an Enrolled Agent probably makes the most sense.     
    Have any problems with barking dogs?  I've gotta section devoted to helping you restore peace and quiet in your before you start tossing Cujo some anti-freeze filets over the fence (in the middle of the night), click here.  And read about the German who used technology to take noisy canine-related matters into his own hands.....
    I know that as one of the growing legion of Dover Disciples, you're already planning for the long Labor Day weekend (now only 52 days away) aren't you? Wanna really impress the peanut gallery by getting your Thanksgiving or Christmas-time travel planning handled now? Check out Ben's no-brainer choice for deals on hotel rooms or condos:
    And for great deals on rental cars to drive once you arrive: Simple! Buckle up and check out to squeeze even more miles outta your travel budget.
    Why does there have to be so much self-inflicted heartache?  Quit being a slave to your telephone!  Quit jacking around by pushing due date deadlines!!  And quit biting on rebate me!!! No excuses if you know the lay of the land, kids.  Click here to see why more Americans are becoming Dover Disciples.  It's the best, pull-no-punches, un-common sense advice on the planet.  Check out the Thursday, July 10, 2003 edition of Ask Benjamin Dover from The Dallas Morning News right here!






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