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    Betcha He’s Praying He Ends Up At A Minimum Security Prison

    If he’s not, he should be: What a dope! Wesley Snipes decides to enlist in one of these hare-brained schemes that usually appeal to tax protesters living in some remote region of the nation.

    The IRS is really stepping up collection efforts... between the ongoing black hole for American dollars–A/K/A the War in Iraq–and the disastrous state of the economy being fueled by a weak dollar, skyrocketing oil prices and record home foreclosures, the IRS has to shake the money out somehow. So that means you're going to be in the cross-hairs like never before.

    Check out the IRS-related info on this site, and the steps you'll need to take if you haven't filed a tax return in awhile. Or if you're a business owner and haven't been making those 941 payroll tax payments like you should. Or maybe you've been throwing those letters from the IRS under your bed, hoping they'll just somehow disappear. You'd better take control sooner-rather-than-later. I'll point you in the right direction.

    Scorched-Earth Survival Skills
    Are You Sleeping With The Enemy?

    Think your marriage is safe? If you have that little feeling in the pit of your stomach or the back of your brain that maybe something's not right...that something's "wrong with this picture" but you just can't put your finger on it.  Now's the time to face the music and suck it all up and figure out where you really stand.

    There is no honor among cheaters, folks: You rarely realize that the person you're sleeping with...the person you married...is simply not the same  person anymore.  You very well may be the next victim of betrayal and the stakes can be high, so you'd better get smart and get ready to play hardball:   Start studying cell phone bills.  Assemble a witness list and get ready to go to Dover's Divorce Defcon-1 strategy of protecting yourself 

    Seize control of your situation while you've got the upper-hand and element of surprise on your side: Check out my special section that will help you get what you deserve if when you end up in divorce court.

    !!! Be Prepared !!!
    Click here to get all of the documents Ben's been telling you about, free court directives, medical powers of attorneys, etc. The price is right, so no whining.....
    !!! Be Prepared Part II !!!
    Click here to find out exactly what you need to know when/if you ever have to hire a criminal attorney: You rarely plan to get arrested, so you'd better know where to go and the questions to ask if you or someone close to you gets popped. It's a candid Q&A with Jim Moore, one of the top attorneys in North Texas. Think of it as your own "get outta jail free because you're smarter ahead of time-card," courtesy of your pal Ben.
    !!! Be Prepared Part III !!!
    Gas prices going up or going down don’t really matter if you need a new set of wheels: Whether it’s a new or pre-owned car, you can’t afford to ignore these free notes from my always popular ‘Smart Car Seminars.’
    !!! Be Prepared Part IV !!!

    Quit Being The Victim: Check Out Ben’s (Almost) Always Successful “Six Steps To Successful Complaining”

    This is one of the most popular sections of this website, and for a good reason:  Knowing what to say and how to effectively say it is 95% of the battle.  Check out Ben's 6 Steps To Effective Complaining and take a quantum leap towards getting your situation under control. 

    Isn't It Time You Take
    Back Control Of Your World?

    Whether it's coming clean with our pals at the IRS, understanding your rights if you're buried in debt, fighting the credit reporting bureaus, taking drastic measures to get your weight under control or other vexing life challenges, we've got information, directions and solutions for the right price.  (Free!)

    Identity Thieves Are Waiting To Add You To The
    Victim's List: Here's How To Beat Them At Their
    Own Game (And What To Do If You've Been Hit!)

    Your Social Security Number is practically tattooed on your rears for life, so you'd better protects yours with your life:  The bad guys are great at what they do...so you've gotta work overtime not be an easy target for them.  Check out Ben's street-wise advice (that's sometimes not very popular), as well as the complete "all things ID theft-related" section right here!



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    What you need to know about "non-profit" credit counseling, including CCCS
    Looking for a cool gift they'll talk about for years? From graduation or "going away to college" gifts, Mother's or Father's Day, weddings...or even get a jump on the holidays, here's ultra-thick: Fattowels.com!
    How Do You Find A Mechanic You Can Trust? Here's some frank Q&A with Ben's expert, ASE-certified mechanic!
    Special Virus Alert: (You Might Already Be Infected!!!)
    Hate those junk fax companies? Make 'em pay $1,000 per violation! Learn how here!
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    BEN'S MAILBAG: Credit Card Companies Forcing Arbitration Down Our Throats!
    Trying to fight your property taxes increase notices? Here's what you've got to know to win!
    Health and Fitness
    Challenged by Chronic Pain? (Or know someone who is?) Ben's the expert; here's his advice on where to go for some help...and some sanity!
    Marketplace Solutions
    Make Your Life Easy The Next Time You Travel!
    Don't Get Buried By The Funeral Industry
    Don't Wait For Tomorrow: Ben's Tips For Picking A Photographer
    Why You Should Cut The Cable And Put Up Your Dish! Tired of Spams? Tired of Junk Faxes? Tired of Irritating Telemarketers? DESTROY 'EM ALL!
    IRS Problems? Not Anymore!!
    Fight Back Against The Credit Bureaus!
    Ready To Play Some Hardball With Your Creditors?
    Do not settle any deals with creditors unless you're using one of Ben's Settlement Letters. They're free, so what's your excuse Big Shot?
    Cyber Consultants
    What You Need To Know When You Buy A Computer
    Tired of Junk Mail/Phone Calls?
    Ben's Virus Alert Summary Page: Descriptions & Remedies
    Tired of Spams? Tired of Junk Faxes? Tired of Irritating Telemarketers? DESTROY 'EM ALL!
    STOP SPREADING RUMORS!!! Here's your one-stop source to dispel urban legends before they get started
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    Why The Media Turns To Dover
    Dose of Dover? Schedule Ben At Your Next Big Event!
    What Do I Do Now?
    Master The Art Of Effective Complaining
    Gotta question for Ben? Heard something on the radio show? Want more info about a topics covered in his newspaper column or a TV segment? Need help with a specific situation?
    Quit 'yer whinin'! Can't listen live? Then listen through the archive! Check out Ben's radio shows on-line/anytime right here!
    Thinking of buying or re-financing a home? You'd better not go one step further without reading Ben's new Home Buyer's Guide! (It's free, so you've got no excuse!)
  • 2014 Air Jordan shoes
  • Jordan 10 Shoes
  • 2014 SB Dunk
  • 2014 Air Jordan shoes
  • Jordan 10 Shoes
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